Study at a Latin American leading university in our virtual Postgraduate Summer School. The South Campus of the University of Chile composed by the Faculty of Agricultural Sciences, the Faculty of Veterinary and Livestock Sciences, the Faculty of Forestry Sciences and Nature Conservation, and the Institute of Nutrition and Food Technology will run an intensive but stimulating virtual Postgraduate Summer School programme that gives postgraduate students (Master and PhD) the chance to increase their academic standing in relevant fields related to agriculture, environment, animal sciences, biotechnology, biochemistry, nanotechnology and food systems, all topics embraced through an interdisciplinary approach, including visions and experiences from different parts of the world.

Language will be English.

The Summer School courses cover a wide range of disciplinary themes and are taught by internationally recognized experts. This program will give students the chance to learn more about nanotechnology applications in the areas of agriculture and the environment giving an overview of the methods used for the synthesis of nanoparticles and their physical characteristics. Summer school is also an opportunity to better understand and analyze the lines of research in the area of biotechnology applied to reproduction and regenerative medicine in domestic and wild animals. In this version, the program will be composed of 5 courses that will take place virtually during January 2022: